We started Mighty for our kids

Ben started Mighty for his daughters, Vivian and Josie. It began as a weekend project to reinforce their math lessons, but it quickly became much more. Ben was floored by how proud his daughters were of their business, the confidence it gave them, and the outlet they now had for their creativity. He quickly started to get requests from other parents who wanted their kids to set up businesses, and the idea for Mighty was born.

We're experienced entrepreneurs

Mighty was founded by two serial entrepreneurs: Ben and Dana. Ben’s first business was starting a taxi service and Dana’s was selling inventions she patented in elementary school. Ben started a huge media company, GOOD/ Upworthy, and taught entrepreneurship at USC. Dana started a crowdfunding business (Ben was an investor!), testified for Congress, and helped draft a Bill that made it easier for small businesses to get investments. She also was an executive at Etsy, advisor to Google’s Sidewalk Labs, and mentor to entrepreneurs at Stanford and NYU.

We’re building Mighty for the next generation

Today, Mighty is a team of 10 people in NYC and growing with the support of investors like Collaborative Fund + Sesame Workshop and the founder of Riot Games. We incorporated as a Public Benefit Corporation because we want to keep our mission front and center –  empowering kids through entrepreneurship. Thousands of kids have launched their business with Mighty so far and we’re just getting started.

The Skills of Entrepreneurship

We believe that through entrepreneurship, kids learn core lessons that will make them more confident and successful in whatever they choose to pursue in the future.

Problem Solving

Create products that can solve the problems that your customers have


Selling is an exercise in resilience - getting told “no” and turning that into feedback that helps you grow


Experiment with how you can grow your business creatively with limited resources


Develop the confidence to put your creative ideas out into the world


Build support for your business, share ideas, and ask for help in the Mighty Community

Financial Literacy

Practice making smart financial decisions in a safe environment to experiment and grow

Meet Our Team


Co-Founder & CEO




Director of Community


Senior Software Engineer


Senior Software Engineer


Software Engineer


Co-Founder & Board Chair

Trusted By

We’re proud to be supported by awesome investors including:

Our Values

Mighty is a registered Public Benefit Corporation, which means that our social mission is as important to us as our financial goals.

We Work for our CEOs

We work for the young CEOs who use Mighty. We respect them and are driven to see them succeed.

Shooters Shoot

Whenever you spot an opportunity to make this business, our CEOs, our team more successful, take the shot! Every member of our team is empowered to - and expected to - take action, always.

Do - Learn - Do better

After you take that shot, learn from the experience and use it as fuel to do even better the next time.

Team of Captains

A captain’s job is to lead the team to success. We are all captains and work to bring out the best in each other